Pre-marital Guidance Sydney North & East

The Relationship Specialists offer a program of 5 interactive workshops .......

The Workshops

The first session will run for approximately 90 minutes while subsequent sessions are one hour. Over the course of the program we explore all aspects of a relationship including:

  • communication styles,
  • the 5 love languages,
  • physical and emotional needs,
  • differences between men and women and
  • how to handle conflict.

As we get to know you we will tailor the sessions to suit your particular situation - so if there are certain areas that require more attention, then we will address those needs.

As part of this program we will also give you "homework" that is both fun as well as insightful.

At the end of the course you will have a much deeper understand of your partner (and vice versa), plus all the tools that will enable you you to enjoy a great relationship.

The cost of the program is $110 per session (total $550) or if you book and pay for the 5 sessions up front then the total cost is $500.